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Posted by: Karl Wilcox

Created on: September 19 2017 at 21:0

Heraldry Colouring Book - Free Download

Hello Folks,

If I could beg your indulgence and seek your comments yet again on a recent project! I have put together a "Heraldry Colouring Book", aimed at children that I'm making freely available as a PDF download for printing. I would very much like your feedback on it. I very much enjoyed putting it together and I'm thinking of making a second more "educational" version for kids that will include more information about the names of shapes and charges and so on, and maybe one for adults with a lot more detail. I'd also be grateful if someone could confirm that the version that is "US letter" is indeed that size and prints out OK on that size paper(!)

The book is released under a Creative Commons Licence so please feel free to download and pass on as you see fit.

As always, thanks for your time, and comments greatly appreciated

Best regards,



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