Hello Folks,_Sorry I_ve not been....

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Posted by: Karl Wilcox

Created on: October 28 2018 at 11:42

Hello Folks,
Sorry I've not been active for a while but I have not been idle - I have written a new, much improved random blazon generator to be found at https://drawshield.net/random/ which I invite you try out. It isn't quite finished yet and does not appear in the site navigation menus yet but the advantages are:
- Better choice of colours to avoid e.g. argent alongside ermine
- Broader coverage of drawshield features
- Massively tunable! Lots of options...
- Neatly formatted blazons
- API Available (see below)
As well as the web page linked above, you can now for the first time also call up a random blazon through an API - this is fully documented at https://github.com/karlwilcox/Drawshield-Code/wiki/The-RandomBlazon-API . The precise details of the arguments might change a bit but I won't be changing the endpoint URL so please feel to integrate it in other things if you want to.
Comments, corrections and suggestions are very welcome.
I hope this is useful to you,
All the best,

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