Armorial Families (Fox-Davies)

Armorial Families - A directory of Gentlemen of Coat Armour by A.C. FOX-DAVIES, 7th edition, Hurst & Blackett, London 1929

These 2 volumes contain 2,200 searchable pages of fantastic detail and beautiful images of full achievements. In addition to the arms, mottoes and family details the entries include the residential address of the contemporary holder and their London clubs!

Good scan quality, almost all pages clearly readable, image quality good to excellent. OCR accuracy 95%+

Note that these volumes contain quite an extensive addenda at the end of volume, which should be checked for updates after consulting the main entries.

Contents (Page numbers refer to the PDF version pages):

Volume I ( armorialfamilies01foxd )

Prefaces 17
The Abuse of Arms 21
The Ancient Families of England 43
Armorial Families, A to H 53 - 1082

Volume II ( armorialfamilies02foxd )

Armorial Families I to Z 13 - 1179
Appendix (Addenda) 1180
Index to Plates 1195
Index of Quarterings 1205 (some folding obscures left column in places)
Escutcheons of pretence 1207

NOTES: The fifth edition is also available in a single volume as armorialfamilies00foxd, but this has pages missing and is generally in much poorer condition.

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