A Treatise on Heraldry (Woodward)

A Treatise on Heraldry, British and Foreign, John WOODWARD, W & AK Johnson, London 1896

Slightly long-winded but interesting description of the history and development of heraldry, followed by many examples of charges and ordinaries, then quite a wide ranging discussion of further topics in volume II. 60+ Plates, many in colour but largely showing shields only, and fairly simple ones. Very good, clear reproduction. Fully text searchable, OCR accuracy 98%+.

Contents (numbers are PDF page numbers):

Volume I ( treatiseonherald01wood )
Synopsis (contents) 19
List of Plates and Illustrations 27
Origin of Armoury 33
Development of Coat Armour 48
Shield, Tincture and Partition 94
Ordinaries 176
Sub-Ordinaries 242
Humans 282
Beasts 299
Birds 340
Reptiles, Fish and Insects 371
Monsters 389
Astronomical 413
Vegetable Kingdom 427
Miscellaneous Charges 460
English Glossary 521
French Glossary 556

Volume II ( treatiseonherald02wood )
Synopsis (contents) 11
List of Plates and Illustrations 17
Cadency or Difference 21
Marshalling 90
Augmentations 190
Illegitimancy 220
Badges 270
External Ornaments 387
Crowns and Coronets 317
Supporters 337
Flags, Banners and Standards 365
National Arms 385
Orders of Knighthood 421
Liveries 451
Mottoes 456
Appendices 473

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