Cross Nowy

§25. Cross nowy. When the term is used by itself it is supposed to signify that the arms of the cross, instead of meeting and forming right-angles, stop at the edge of a circle, which, so to speak, cuts off the angles; at least, it is represented thus in the drawing given in Edmondson. Thence varieties are imagined, viz. nowy lozengy, nowy masculy, &c., with each of the angles filled by a projection of half a lozenge, mascle, &c., but no examples are named. Nowy quadrate, however, is applied when the projections appear to form a square, and an example will be found figured in the Arms of LICHFIELD under cross §31.

There is a term also said to be used, namely, nowyed, which means that the projection need not be in the centre but in each of the arms of the cross. Both nowy and nowyed, however, are quite distinct from nowed(fr. noué), applied to serpents, &c.

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