AUSTRIA, Empire of.

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AUSTRIA, Empire of. The arms are displayed upon a double-headed eagle sable with golden beak and claws, which holds in its dexter claw a golden sceptre and a drawn sword and in its sinister the Imperial Orb. Each of its heads is imperially crowned. On its breast is the escutcheon tierced in pale — (i) Hapsburg, (2) Austria, (3) Lorraine, viz., Hapsbitrg or, a lion rampant gules, crowned azure ; (2) Austria gules, a fesse argent ; (3) Lorraine or, on a bend gules three alerions argent. Around this escutcheon are the Collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Grand cordon of the Order of Maria Theresa. On the wings and tail of the Imperial Eagle are eleven crowned escutcheons, viz., (1) Hungary ancient and modern impaled (viz., ancient — Barry of eight argent and gules ; modern — gules on a mount in base vert, an open crown or, issuant therefrom a patriarchal cross argent) ; (2) Esdavonia (gules, issuing from the sinister flank an arm embowed proper, vested gules, and holding a sabre argent); (3) Upper Austria (per pale or, an eagle displayed sable, impaling gules two pallets argent) impaling Austria beloiv the Ems (azure, five larks or eaglets displayed or — these being really the ancient arms of Austria-Babenburger line) ;

(4) Salzburg (per pale or, a lion rampant sable, impaling gules, a fesse argent) ;

(5) Styria (vert, a griffin rampant queue fourch^e, argent, vomiting flames of fire proper, and crowned or) ; (6) Tyrol argent, an eagle displayed gules crowned or; (7) (at top of sinister wing) Bohemia (gules, a lion rampant double queued argent, crowned or) ; (8) lllyria azure, an antique galley or ;

(9) Transylvania (per fesse azure and or, over all a bar gules, issuing therefrom a demi-eagle displayed sable in chief and in base seven towers of the third ;

(10) Moravia (azure, an eagle displayed chequy gules and argent, crowned or) impaling Silesia (or, an eagle displayed sable, crowned of the field, on its breast a crescent and crosslet argent); (11) Carinthia (or, three lions passant sable) impaling Carniola (argent, an eagle displayed azure, on its breast a crescent counter compony of the field and gules).

The Imperial Crown is placed above the crowned heads of the double eagle. When Supporters are used they are two griffins or, the plumage and the breast and wings sable.

Although the foregoing is the full description, the arms of Austria are more

usually represented by an escutcheon on the breast of the eagle showing the arms of Austria and Hungary, or Austria, Hungary, and Lorraine, as in the illustration.

The Ecu Complet of the Austrian Empire as established by Imperial Decree in 1836 was as follows : —

Quarterly of nine grand quarters : I. (i) Dalmatia, (2) Croatia, (3) Esclavonia, (4) Transylvania, and over all the impaled coats of Hungary, ancient and modern. II. (i) Upper Austria, (2) Salzburg, (3) Styria, (4) The Teutonic Order, (5) Tyrol, (6) Trient, (7) Brixen, (8) Hohen-Embs, (9) Montfort and Feldkirch, (10) Bregenz, (il) Sonnenburg, and over all Austria — ancient. III. (i) iVIoravia, (2) Silesia, (3) Upper Lusatia, (4) Teschen, (5) Lower Lusatia, and over all an escocheon of Bohemia. IV. (i) Cumania, (2) Bosnia, (3) Bulgaria, (4) Servia,(5) Raschia, (6) tierced in pale — (i) Hapsburg, (2) Austria, (3) Lorraine. VI. (i) Jerusalem, 2 Castile, (3) Leon, (4) Arragon, (5) The Indies, (6) Sicily, (7) Calabria, (8) Naples. VII. (i) Tuscany, (2) Modena, (3) Parma, (4) Guastalla, and over all an escutcheon per pale — (a) Milan, (d) Venice. VIII. (i) Carinthia, (2) Carniola, (3) VVindische-Mark, (4) Frioul, (5) Trieste, (6) Istria, (7) Gradisca, (8) Gorz, (9) Ragusa, (10) Cattaro, (11) Zara. IX. (i) Lodomiria, (2) Cracow, (3) Auschwitz, (4) Zator, and over all an escutcheon of Galicia.

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AUSTRIA, Empire of.
AUSTRIA, Empire of.
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