LONGTON (Staffordshire).

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LONGTON (Staffordshire). Had no armorial bearings. The borough, however, assumed the escutcheon, the quarterings, and the impalement of the late John Edensor Heathcote, Esquire, J. P., of Longton Hall, who died 1869. Somebody else's crest (.' that of the Mosley family) was appropriated, and supporters invented. The arms were per pale, the dexter side quarterly i and 4 ermine, three pomeis vert, each charged with a cross or (being the arms of Heathcote) ; 2 argent, a chevron between three horse-shoes sable (being the arms of Edensor) ; 3 vairee ermine and gules (being the arms of Gresley — on the seal a "canton," and on the note-paper a "chief," chequy were added to this quarter); the sinister side quarterly i and 4 quarterly, per fesse indented ermine and azure, 2 and 3 party per chevron sable and ermine, in chief, two boars' heads couped or, being the arms of Sandford. C7-est — An eagle displayed ermine (or? charged on the breast with three ermine spots). Supporters — On the dexter side, a potter habited and with an apron, holding in his exterior hand a or jug vase, and on the sinister side a miner habited below the waist (naked or clothed above the waist apparently according to fancy), holding over his sinister shoulder a pickaxe, presumably all proper. Motto — "Great industria " (Was this intended for "Great," and simply an engraver's error?). Longton is now included in the Amalgamated Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent, to which refer.

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