Manners, Edward and John

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/* The arms of Edward and John Manners, 3rd and 4th Earls of Rutland for Drawshield */

Quarterly of 16

1st quarterly i per fess az and gu in chief 2 fleurs de lys or in nombril a lion passant guardant or ii per fess gu and az in chief a lion passant guardant or in nombril 2 fleur de lys or iii and iv barry of 6 or and az (Manners) [this is a fudge to create a quartered Chief bearing charges in each quarter];;

2nd Gu 3 water bougets Arg (de Ros)

3rd Gu 3 wheels Arg (Espec)

4th az a Catherine wheel or

5th Gu a fess or between 6 crosses crosslet Or

6th chequy az and or a chevron ermine

7th Gu a chevron arg in chief 6 crosses formy 4 and 2 arg in nombril 4 crosses formy in cross arg

8th or a fess between 2  chevrons sa

9th gu a lion passant arg crowned or

10th gu 3 lions passant guardant in pale arg a bordure arg

11th arg a saltire engrailed gu

12th or a lion rampant gu

13th arg a fess (between 2 bars gemel doesn’t work, use) double cotised gu

14th chequy arg and gu 

15th gu an eagle displayed a bordure arg

16th or 2 chevrons gu a bordure gu

drawn in a french shape

(Previously entry no. 9942)

A complex quartering kindly provided by Robin Wilmington. In addition to clicking on the link below the image you can also download the blazon as a text file from this link

If you would like to modify this blazon and see the effects .

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