René of Anjou (1409-1480) Duke of Anjou etc

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    quarterly of 6
1st barry of 8 arg and gu
2nd az fleury or a label gu in chief lower slightly
3rd arg a cross potent very much larger between 4
 crosslets or slightly lower
4th gu an escutcheon az fleury or;  much larger slightly
 larger higher slightly higher much to the sinister
 to the sinister  a tierce sinister gu
5th  az 15 crosses crosslet fitchy or 3,2,3,2,3,2
 much larger further apart a dolphin reversed or finned
 bisque slightly larger to the sinister a dolphin slightly
 larger to the dexter or finned bisque 6th or on a bend gu fimbriated or 5 eagles bendwise
 arg  much larger  

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René of Anjou (1409-1480) Duke of Anjou, Count of Provence (1434–1480), Count of Piedmont, Duke of Bar (1430–1480), Duke of Lorraine (1431–1453), King of Naples (1435–1442; titular 1442–1480), titular King of Jerusalem (1438–1480)

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