Clan Lion

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    Arg, a fillet saltire endorsed sa fimbriated gu, a
 Cross Patonce Voided gu fimbriated sa, a plate much
 smaller smaller charged with a lion head erased sa,
 armed and langued gu 

//Cross Paty Floretty Voided gu fimbriated s
//Cross Patonce Voided
//fillet saltire endorsed sa fimbriated gu
//a Saltire Parted Fretty gu fimbriated sa
//roundel or

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Known as the guardians of the Dean when D'Winterton gave them the Land between the Wye, Severn east to Ross to live and defend as their own. D'Winterton had been given the lands south and east of Monmouthshire when his father Robert the Black died during a hunting accident in the forest and Arthus had made his oath to Henry to keep the peace with Wales.

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