Protectors of the West

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    a roll with 5 columns title "Protectors of the West"
background vanilla grady in bend sinister deep-peach
web colours
arg, a Saltorel flory arg smaller stroked gules, a
 cross calatrava sa stroked arg charged with a pellet
 stroked arg very much smaller charged with a fleur
 de lys florence gules, a bordure engrailed sa. caption
Sa, a chevron or, in chief two bezants and a talbot
 of the second stroked sa in base lower. caption Caster
Argent, a lion rampant reversed sa slightly smaller
 higher. caption Lyon
Per saltire sable and gules, a maltese cross arg stroked
 or bendwise larger, a
 Maltese Cross arg stroked or larger, charged with
 a pellet smaller charged with two rapiers argent hilted
 or in saltire much larger and a rapier argent hilted
 or very much smaller much higher, over all a fleur
 de lys florence argent smaller. caption D'Winterton

sa, A sun arg stroked or, a Maltese cross sa stroked
 arg smaller bendwise, a Maltese cross sa stroked arg,
 charged with a plate much smaller stroked sa charged
 with a Fleur De Lys Florence az lower. caption D'Winterton

Per pale argent and Or, three fleurs-de-lis florence
 sable larger closer together. caption Sha
arg, a cross of st james gules larger fimbriated or
 a fleur de lys florence or very much smaller much
 higher. caption James
Lozengy Sa and Argent, a bordure sa charged with 12
 fleur de lys Argent. caption Winterton
Sable a Cross Floretty Voided or bendwise higher lower,
 a Cross
 Floretty Voided arg higher lower, charged with a
 cross florian gules charged with a fleur de lys argent.
 caption Beachley
Arg, a fillet saltire endorsed sa fimbriated gu, a
 Cross Patonce Voided gu fimbriated sa, a plate much
 smaller smaller charged with a lion head erased sa,
 armed and langued gu. caption Leon
Arg, on a pale sable double cotticed three Fleur-de-lys
 argent. caption Winterton
quarterly, 1st and 4th checky or and argent a Lion
 rampant sable armed argent langued gules smaller 2nd
 and 3rd argent, a pale gules a Dragon vert armed and
 langued gules smaller, over quarters a Escutcheon
 Lozengy sable and argent higher slightly lower. caption
Fusily sable and argent on a chief sable dancetty,
 a fleur de lys inverted
 argent, between two fleur de lys argent. caption
sa a Gorgon Head arg smaller, a Crown Of Myrtle or
 very much higher very much smaller, a Ouroboros or
 larger. caption Gorgon
 per bend arched sa and argent on a bendlet arched
 argent five fleur de lys sa
in sinister chief a compass rose argent lower much
 to dexter. caption Navigator

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As Protectors of the West, these Families, under Comte de Winterton guarded the border with Wales along the Wye River to include the Forest of Dean

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