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title "Communes of Mayenne – Part 2"
(1998) Azure a horse argent shown slightly larger
 larger much to sinister much higher below a rose of
 the same shown slightly smaller much higher a candlestick
 or inflamed gules in dexter side shown smaller to
 dexter very much narrower charged with a demi square
 arg shown stroked arg very much higher very much higher
 very much higher very much higher much higher narrower
 taller. caption Couptrain
(2000) Chevronny of 6 or and gules an arrow inverted
 sable bordure gu charged with 12 plates. caption Courcité
Gules a saltire between 4 lozenges argent. caption
 "Craon, Mayenne"
(2005) Azure a base argent a wolf passant shown much
 shorter wider a garb or in middle chief. caption Crennes–sur–Fraubée
Azure 3 stag heads shown closer together larger a
 bordure or. caption Daon
Barry embattled brettessy of 7 sable and or semy of
 shamrocks vert. caption Entrammes
Gules 3 recorders or. caption Ernée
Quarterly: 1st and 4th argent fretty sable on a chief
 or 3 merlettes sa, 2nd and 3rd or a lion azure langued
 gules crowned gu. caption Évron
Or a lion gules shown slightly larger; on a chief
 azure 3 parachutes shown slightly larger charged with
 a mullet argent shown very much lower very much lower
 much lower lower. caption Fougerolles–du–Plessis
(2019) Gyronny azure and argent over all an escutcheon
 gules a lion arg armed and langued or crowned or shown
 slightly larger slightly wider; shown larger higher
 much closer together closer together closer together
 further apart further apart. caption Gennes–Longuefuye
(1999) Barry of 10 argent and azure a key bendwise
 sinister in dexter flank shown much to sinister much
 lower slightly lower much larger a key bendwise reversed
 gules in sinister flank shown much to dexter much
 lower slightly lower much larger 3 hands arg. caption
Argent 3 wolf heads erased sable langued gules. caption
(1999) Gules a mountain bendy of 11 azure and or (bendy
 of 6 or and azure) 3 roses in fess in chief argent.
 caption "Hambers"
(1999) Azure 2 harrows in upper half shown higher
 a key or in nombril shown very much larger slightly
 larger a rose argent in dexter and sinister flank
 shown very much lower slightly lower closer together.
 caption "Hercé"
(2000) Azure a serpent argent shown very much narrower
 smaller a bridge of 3 arches in chief arg masoned
 sable shown very much wider slightly larger a holly
 leaf bendwise in dexter flank shown much closer together
 larger a holly leaf bendwise sinister reversed or
 in sinister flank shown much closer together larger.
 caption "Houssay, Mayenne"
(2018) Parted per fess: 1st gules a pair of keys in
 saltire or shown very much larger very much larger
 larger a sword inverted proper shown taller, 2nd azure
 a bend bendy wavy of 13 argent and az a wheat stalk
 bendwise or. caption Izé

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