My assumed arms

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    blue on a chevron or 5 fusils black larger slightly
 larger wider
in first quarter a horseshoe inverted or smaller to
 dexter slightly to dexter slightly higher in 2nd quarter
 a horseshoe inverted or smaller to sinister slightly
 to sinister slightly higher
a horseshoe inverted or much smaller smaller smaller
 lower lower much lower  slightly lower
mantling blue or a esquires helmet gray a torse blue
 or lower a crest a unicorn head couped arg armed or
 maned arg larger larger slightly higher higher larger
 between two wings red very much larger very much closer
 larger larger very much larger  very much closer very
 much to sinister to sinister much to sinister closer
 together much closer much closer much closer to sinister
 to sinister to sinister
a motto "Pro Honore et Fide" black higher

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My personally designed and assumed arms not official but plan to make them

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