CoA of Thiery de St-Malo de l'Iles d'Outre Mer

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I and IV billety or and sa two sea lions respecting
 each other larger lower gu; in honor point a double
 fleur de lys gu;
II and III az a chevron gu fimbriated or in dexter
 chief a triton trumpet arg fesswise; in sinister chief
 a triton trumpet arg fesswise; in nombril a compass
 rose or stroked sa smaller
achievement an esquire helmet arg larger torse az
 and gu higher much sinister crest a lion head jessant
 gu very much higher sinister charged with an earl
 crown or very much larger very much lower very much
 lower very much lower very much lower lower slightly
mantling to dexter gu and or to sinister az and arg
supporter to dexter a merman grady carnation and azure
 stroked sa; to sinister a lion rampant guardant grady
 orange and or stroked sa langued gu clawed arg charged
 with a double fleur de lys gu very much smaller much
 higher dexter slightly Dexter
motto "et ventis adversis" engraved az higher

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Despite the bold and bolsterous family motto, Count Thiery de St-Malo never really stood a chance in the complex political scenario of the Empire, and spent his life ruling his small and florent islands, where he is recalled as a modest and wise ruler. He eventually ended up his years as a monk in the Abbey of St-Michel-St-Malo, founded by himself.

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