Royaume of Lafrance

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    az semy of fleur de lys fancy grady or and gold much
 larger much larger a bordure ermine
achievement a royal helmet proper larger lower torse
 arg and az crest above a fleur de lys fancy or very
 much larger much larger very much higher a tudor crown
 proper very much larger very much higher very much
 higher much higher
mantling of ribbons grady az and azure and ermine
supporter behind a sword proper bendwise sinister
behind a marshal baton or semy de lis az bendwise

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The second kingdom of the Empire of Brancalonia, and by far the wealthier part, enriched by a strong commercial, naval power and a florid agriculture. However, since the age of Charles I, the first Emperor, no Emperor has ever come from Lafrance and his court has always been in Reitermark. Plus, the clergy of Lafrance always refused to accept the Emperor claim at nominating his own bishops. These reasons have lead many noblemen of Lafrance to confront more or less openly the imperial power...

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