Flag of Turin, Italy

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    grady in annulo az royal blue
a fillet cross grady in annulo pearl arg fimbriated

a bull salient rosace or grady in bend or mustard
 horned platinum eyed brunatre pizzled golden brown
 stroked sa in each quarter smaller slightly smaller

the word "1706" grady in pale golden brown or stroked
 cobalt blue bendwise in sinister base very much smaller
 smaller to the sinister slightly to the sinister slightly

the word "AUXILIUM   MEMMA   DOMINO" sa stroked sa
 bendwise enarched in dexter chief smaller to the dexter
a fillet bordure gyronny of 60 or and or stroked mustard
 fimbriated rubber ducky yellow
the shield stroked rubber ducky yellow

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Host of the 2006 Winter Olympics. Note: The actual flag has the motto in dexter chief appearing on a ribbon arg but sadly there is no "Charge Ribbon" charge in the manner of the "Charge Torse" charge.

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