La Rèpublica Libra dou Sâget

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    tierced in pale
grady in bend sa and gunmetal, grady in bend gu and
 grapefruit, grady in bend or
and golden brown
a french shaped escutcheon sa; in fess point much
 bigger slightly bigger slightly bigger;

a french shaped escutcheon
grady in annulo az royal blue
a trimount houndstooth arg and grady in bend arg platinum
a fir tree arg stroked metallic silver smaller much
a chief ferrari red charged with an upper half of
 a crozier maily grady in annulo or golden brown and
 dark goldenrod stroked brunatre bigger
impaled with vert a fess wavy barry wavy of 20 arg
 arg stroked platinum fimbriated medium forest green
a chief ferrari red charged with a Knights Helmet
 Closed Proper slightly bigger; in fess point much
 bigger bigger

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