Matthias Corvinus

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1st quarter barry of 8 gu and arg,
3rd quarter azure 3 lion head affronty or langued
 gu crowned or
4th quarter gu a Lion Rampant Tail Forked Saltire
 argent armed langued saxon crowned or
2nd quarter gu  a Cross Of Lorraine smaller arg higher
 a trimount vert a crown or much smaller smaller much
 lower lower, over the quarters an escutcheon azure in third quarter
 a log bendwise sinister or much lower much to sinister
 a annulet or in 1st quarter very much smaller smaller
much to the dexter higher slightly lower a raven sable
a crystal fesswise very much smaller arg much lower
 slightly lower slightly to dexter in dexter chief
a moon crescent arg in 2nd quarter bendwise sinister
 slightly higher much to dexter
a mullet of 6 or in sinister chief smaller smaller
 much to dexter
a crest a closed Helmet sa slightly lower slightly
the shield shown smaller much rotated to the dexter
 to the dexter slightly to the dexter slightly to the
 dexter to the sinister

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