Rothschild Family

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    quarterly or and azure in 1st quarter an Eagle sable slightly higher langued
in 2nd quarter  an Arm Embowed bendwise carnation
 bigger rotated dexter much to sinister slightly to
 sinister in 2nd quarter a Bundle Of Arrows arg higher smaller
 bendwise sinister slightly higher higher to sinister
in 3rd quarter  an Arm Embowed  carnation smaller
 reversed palewise very much rotated sinister to dexter
 to dexter
in 3rd quarter a Bundle Of Arrows arg smaller much
 higher slightly higher much to dexter bendwise rotated
in 4th quarter an Lion rampant gules
over all an  escutcheon  Gules much bigger a Space
 Station arg much rotated  dexter achievment mantling arg and or a royal helmet or torse
 or or,
crest on a eagle sable a crown or lower

supporters a lion or langued gules and a unicorn bigger
 higher arg armed unguled or rotated sinister
Compartment a mound vert
motto "Concordia Integras Industria"

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Reference: Suggestion : I couldn't find an oval so i placed a space station instead. It would be nice if multiple heads were possible + I struggled with elbow rotation.

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