Alternative EU Coat of Arms

1st azure, a tower triple towered argent on chief azure 3 stars or (Slovenia)
2nd sable, a lion or, armed gules (Belgium)
3rd gules, a lion or crowned or armed argent (Bulgaria)
4th gules, a fess argent (Austria)
5th gules a lion argent crowned or (Czechia)
6th or a eagle sable beaked and armed gules (Germany)
7th azure, semy of billet smaller or, a lion or crowned or tongued and armed gules (Netherlands)
8th or 3 lions statant guardant in pale azure (Estonia)
9th azure a cross argent (Greece)
10th quarterly gules and argent, in first quarter a tower triple towered or, in second quarter a lion rampant purpure crowned or tongued gules, in third quarter a billet larger larger lower paly or and gules, in fourth quarter a wheel or (Spain)
11th quarterly gules and azure, in first quarter 3 lion passant in pale or tongued and armed azure, in second quarter a lion gules tongued and armed azure, in third quarter a harp or, in fourth quarter 3 lion passant in pale or tongued and armed azure (United Kingdom)
12th checky gules argent (Croatia)
13th gules, 9 roses smaller argent, a lion or crowned or (Finland)
14th azure a fasces reversed or (France)
15th barry gules argent impaled with gules a patriarchal argent a base vert (Hungary)
16th argent on chief a maltese cross argent, impaled with gules (Malta)
17th azure, an eagle or beaked and armed gules, a escutcheon in fess point smaller quarterly azure, gules (Romania)
18th gules, a knight mounted argent armoured or (Lithuania)
19th barry argent and azure, a lion gules crowned or (Luxembourg)
20th barry of 2 azure and argent a demi-sun or, a lion in the base reversed gules impaled with barry of 2 azure and gules a demi-sun reversed or, a griffin in the base argent (Latvia)
21st azure, a harp or (Ireland)
22nd or, a semy of heart gules, 3 lions passant in pale azure crowned or, tongued gules (Denmark)
23rd gules, a eagle argent crowned or beaked and armed or (Poland)
24th argent, an orle gules 7 tower triple towered in orle or, 5 escutcheon smaller lower lower in cross azure (Portugal)
25th bendy sable and sanguine
26th tierced in pale vert argent gules (Italy)
27th azure 3 crowns or (Sweden)
28th gules a patriarchal argent, a base double arched azure (Slovakia)
29th or, a laurel wreath vert, a dove essorant argent reversed (Cyprus)
30th bendy sinister sable and sanguine
31st bendy sanguine and sable
32nd bendy sanguine and sable
33rd bendy sanguine and sable
34th bendy sinister sanguine and sable
35th bendy sinister sanguine and sable
36th bendy sinister sanguine and sable


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