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Happy Heraldic Anniversary Australia

We are a little late here, but G+ communities weren't around in September, so belated congratulations Australia on being the owners of a fine coat of arms for one hundred years (and three months). This, from Fox-Davies Book of Public Arms :

AUSTRALIA, Commonwealth of. Quarterly of six, the first quarter argent, a cross gules charged with a lion passant guardant between on each limb a mullet of six points or ; the second, azure, five mullets, one of eight, two of seven, one of six, and one of five points of the first (representing the constellation of the Southern Cross) ensigned with an Imperial Crown proper; the third of the first, a Maltese cross of the fourth, surmounted by a like Imperial Crown ; the fourth of the third, on a perch wreathed vert and gules, an Australian piping shrike displayed also proper ; the fifth also or, a swan naiant to the sinister sable ; the last of the first, a lion passant of the second ; the whole within a bordure ermine. For the Crest - On a wreath or and azure, a seven-pointed star or: and for Supporters - Dexter a kangaroo, sinister an emu, both proper. [Assigned by Royal Warrant, 19th Sept. 1912.]

This is just an extract from a much longer article, which also shows the rather dull arms that preceded these, and lasted just four years, at http://archive.org/stream/bookofpublicarms00foxd#page/44/mode/2up


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