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Arms of Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Another Google street view shot, ( ),and not terribly difficult to identify but important to me! This was my first exposure to heraldry - I used to walk past this sign (well, its now rotted predecessor really) everyday going to and from my primary school (ages 5 to 11). And yes, in those days, we did walk to school, unaccompanied!

You can't see the wording too clearly in the photo but I know it from memory, it reads Town of Great Grimsby - First Charter Granted 1201 , and beneath that, Twinned with Bremerhaven (a seaport on Germany's North Sea coast).

The charter, recognising the town and its port was granted by King John, and is still in the town hall today. The arms as recorded by the college of arms are:

Argent, a chevron between three boars heads couped sable

(Although the arms are often depicted with the boar's heads armed and langued gules )

Can you recall when you first saw some heraldry?

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