The major city in the Eastern Townships....

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Created on: July 26 2017 at 15:40

The major city in the Eastern Townships is Sherbrooke, which assumed arms a while back.

They explain the rationale on their website, but not its blazon.

My guess:

Arms: Or, a pall wavy Azure charged with two lightning bolts in chief, a mullet of six points Argent voided of the charge at the heart point and a lance head Or in base between in chief a rose Gules and two fleur-de-lys Azure in base.
Coronet: a mural coronet of seven towers Or masoned Sable
Supporters: a weart of palm leaves vert
Motto: « Ne quid nimis », meaning « Nothing too much »

Anybody can do better? I'm loosing my edge :$

What do you think of it? I personally feel it is overloaded, trying to say too many things.

Armoiries de Sherbrooke - Ville de Sherbrooke

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