The Bahamas were also hit by hurricane_....

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The Bahamas were also hit by hurricane Irma. This is a Commonwealth Realm, so its arms are in typical British style.

Escutcheon Argent, Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria in full sail proper, on a base barry wavy of four Azure and Argent; and a chief Azure, a rising sun radiant Or.
Crest On a golden helmet affronty, lambrequined Argent and Azure a conch of the Giant Wingsnail and five palmleaves proper.
Torse Or and Azure
Supporters On the dexter a Blue Marlin and on the sinister a red flamingo proper.
Compartment Waves of the sea on the dexter and a grassy ground on the sinister proper.
Motto Forward, Upward, Onward Together

Note that there is no Royal crown anywhere in sight. Surprisingly, this is fairly common for Commonwealth Realms

Coat of arms of the Bahamas - Wikipedia

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