Cross Pierced

§9. The expression pierced is applied to crosses, and is variously used. The term pierced(more frequently applied to mullets than similar charges) implies that there is a circular opening, and the field shewn through, and such opening would be in the centre of the cross. But the opening may be of a lozenge form or of a square form. When the whole of the centre is of the tincture of the field it is, as has already been described, to be blazoned quarterly pierced; but, farther, some heralds contend that if the aperture does not occupy the whole of the central portion where the arms meet, it is to be blazoned quarter-pierced.

Azure, a cross humetty pierced sable, a chief gules--KNOWLYS.

Azure, a cross moline, lozenge-pierced argent--GAILIE.

Azure, a cross moline square-pierced argent--MOLLYNS.

Argent, a cross moline quarter-pierced azure--SIBBALD, Scotland.

Argent, a cross moline quarter-pierced gules--CROKEYN, Ireland; DOWDALL, MILBORNE, SIBBALD, Balgony, Scotland.

Argent, a cross moline quarter-pierced sable--COLVIL, Ochiltry, Scotland; Robert COPLEY, called GROSSETESTE, Bp. of Lincoln, 1235-53; COPLEY, Batley, co. York; Sir Thos. MELBOURNE.

Gules, a cross moline rebated and lozenge-pierced or--FENEY.

Argent, a cross moline quatrefoil-pierced sable--MILBOURNE.

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