Cross Tau

Friary of S.ANTHONY.
Friary of S.ANTHONY.

§34. Cross tau, or of S.Anthony, who is represented with such a cross embroidered upon the left side of his garment. It is called cross commisse by some heraldic writers, with a somewhat fanciful allusion to Ezekiel, chap. ix. ver. 4, or as representing the token of absolution with which malefactors are said to have been stamped on the hand. It should be drawn like a Greek Tau.

Or, a cross tau azure--Friary of S.ANTHONY, London.

Gules, a cross tau surmounted by a crescent or--WANLEY.

Per chevron or and vert, in base on a hind trippant, argent, a cross tau, and in chief a cross tau between two crosses patonce fitchy gules--CROSSLEY, Ireland, 1725.

Argent, on a bend sable three taus of the first--BERD.

Ermine, on a chief indented gules, three cross taus or--THURLAND.

Argent, a cross tau gules, in chief, three crowns of thorns proper--TAUKE.

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