Tinctures of the Cross

§3. Next the crosses besides being of various tinctures may be diversified, as the field is diversified. A cross may be e.g. chequy(fr. échiquetée), compony or counter-compony, fretty, trellised(i.e. with a somewhat closer fret), vair maçonnée, &c.

Sire Johan de KOCFELD, de azure a une crois chekere de argent e de goules--Roll, temp. ED. II.

Azure, a cross counter-compony argent and gules--Eustace de WITENEYE.

Ermine, a cross counter-compony gules and or; in the dexter chief a lion rampant sable--Richard LAUNDE.

Sire Robert de VERDUN, de argent, a une crois de azure frette de or--Roll, temp. ED. II.

Or, a cross vair--EXMYLE.

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