FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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    Quartered of 9

1st quartered
I per pale indented argent and red-ochre
II tierced in fess or azure and gu a vulture displayed
III tierced in pale dancetty vert or and gu in fess
 point a mullet of 5 vert
IV orange a lion arg

2nd quartered
I arg on a plain cross gu
II tierced in fess meandering vert arg and gu in fess
 point a moon crescent gu smaller smaller
III paly gu and arg on a chief az 5 mullet of 5 arg
IV per fess arg and vert a welsh dragon rampant gu

3rd quartered
I tierced in fess  celestial-azure arg and celestial-azure
 in fess point a sun in his splendour or
II vert a claymore fesswise inverted arg
III tierced in pale  vert arg and gu in fess point
 a eagle rising elevated senois
IV gu an eagle arg armed beaked and crowned or

4th quartered
I per pale az and gu 3 fleur de lys arg
II per pale  vert and or  in dexter flank a kangaroo
 salient reversed or  in sinister flank a kangaroo
 salient  vert
III gu a plain cross arg
IV gu an inescutcheon arg in fess point a moon decrescent

5th vert a soccer ball white

6th quartered
I paly yellow-ochre and gu
II tierced in fess az gu and az in fess point a roundel
III or an eagle sa armed beaked legged and langued
IV arg a torteau

7th quartered
I or in first quarter a lion rampant reguardant sa
 in fourth quarter a cock gu
II arg a maple leaf gu
III gu a pentagram vert
IV checky arg and gu

8th quartered
I or a bordure vert a hurt
II gu a serbian cross arg larger slightly larger
III gu a cross couped arg smaller smaller
IV tierced in pale dancetty vert gu and or in fess
 point a mullet of 5 or

9th quartered
I arg on a bordure gu 3 tower triple towered or in
 fess point 5 billet in cross az
II tierced in fess dancetty gu or and vert in fess
 point a mullet of 5 sa
III barry arg and az a sun in his splendour or
IV per bend sinister gu and az a bordure arG

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