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Knighthood, The Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick. This Order was instituted by King George III., 5th February, 1783, and consists of the Sovereign, a Grand Master, and Twenty-two Knights. The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland' pro. tempore, being Grand Master.

The Badge, pendant from the Collar, is ofgold, surrounded with a wreath of Shamrock or trefoil, within which is a circle of Blue Enamel containing the Motto of the said Order in letters of gold, viz., Quis Separabit, with the date mdcclxxxiii, being the year in which the Order was founded, and encircling the Cross of Saint Patrick Gules, surmounted with a trefoil slipped vert, each leaf charged with an Imperial crown or, upon a field argent.

The Collar, of gold, is composed of sixharps and five roses, three alternately, joined together by twelve golden knots ; the vosei are enamelled alternately by white leaves within red and red leaves within white, and in the centre of the Collar is an Imperial crown surmounting a harp of gold.

The Mantle made of rich sky-blue tabiretlined with white silk, and fastened by a cordon of blue silk and gold with tassels. The Star consists of the Cross of Saint Patrick Gules, on a field argent, charged with a trefoil as on the Badge, surrounded by a sky-blue enamelled circle, containing the motto and date, and is encircled by four greater, and two lesser rays of silver.

Ribbon of the Order. Sky-blue.

Motto Quis Separabit. Who shall separate us.

Collar, Star, Badge, etc. P. 24, f. 20 and 21.

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