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Knighthood, The Most Exalted Order of the Star of India. This Order was instituted by Her Maiesty Queen Victoria, 23rd February, 1861, and enlarged 28th March, 1866, and in 1875 and 1876.

The Order consists of the Sovereign, theGrand Master, and 2U5 Ordinary Companions or Members, together with such Extra and Honorary Members as Her Majesty, her heirs and successors, shall from time to time appoint. The 205 Ordinary Members are divided into three classes. The first Class are styled Knights Grand Commanders, and_ consists of thirty members (eighteen Natives and twelve Europeans) ; the second class of seventy-two members, stjlsd Knights Commanders ; the third class of one hundred and forty-four members, styled Companions. Her Majesty's Viceroy and Governor-General of India is Grand Ivlaster.

The Statutes enable the Sovereign to conferthe dignity of Knight Grand Commander of the Order upon such of Her Majestj- s British subjects as have, by important and loyal services rendered by them to the Indian Empire, merited the Eoyal favour; and the second and third classes upon persons who, hj their conduct or services in the Indian Empire, have merited the Eoyal favour.

The Badge an onyx cameo of Her Majesty'seffigy, set in a perforated and ornamented oval, containing the motto of the Order "Heaven's Light our Guide," surmounted by a Star all in diamonds. The Ribbon of the Order is sky-blue, having a narrow white stripe towards either edge, and is worn from the right shoulder to the left side. The Collar is composed of the Lotus of India, of Palm branches, tied together in saltire, and of the united Red and White Rose. In the centre is an imperial crown; all richly enamelled on gold, ia their proper colours.

The Star is composed of ray's of gold issuingfrom the centre, having thereon a Star in diamonds, resting upon a light blue enamelled circular riband, tied at the ends, inscribed with the motto of the Order, viz. : "Heaven's Light our Guide," also in diamonds. The Mantle Light blue satin, lined with white, and fastened with a cordon of white silk, with blue and silver tassels, on the left side a representation of the Star of the Order.

Collar, Badge, and Star. P. 24, f. 27.

The Motto, "Heaven's light our guide."

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