Plate 25a.

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Plate 25a.

Plate 25a.

Plate 25. A.

  1. The Label of His Royal Highness Prince Albert Victor of Wales
  2. The Label of His Royal Highness Prince George of Wales
  3. The Albert Medal for Saving Life at Sea
  4. The Albert Medal for Saving Life on Land
  5. Ensign of the Royal Navy
  6. Ensign of the Naval Reserve
  7. Badge and Riband of the Sun and Lion of Persia
  8. Badge and Riband of the Royal Portuguese Military Order of the Tower and Sword
  9. Helmet with Contoise, or Quintise, with Wreath and Crest an Eagle with wings elevated and endorsed. Crest of Maher
    The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire
  10. The Collar, Star, and Badge of The First Class, or Knights Grand Commanders
  11. The Riband and Badge, and Star of The Second Class, or Knights Commanders
  12. The Badge of The Third Class, or Companions
  13. Crown of Prussia
  14. Crown of Austria
  15. The American Shield and Eagle, The Badge of the United States
  16. Naval Medal. Ribbon White with Blue edges. Medal. Obverse : The Head of the Queen wearing a diadem, with the words "Victoria Regina." Reverse. In waves of the sea, a sea-horse with Britannia seated thereon, holding a trident in her right hand, and an olive branch in her left. A great num- ber of clasps were issued with this medal. Amongst the principal naval engagements for which this medal was issued were ; Algiers, Camperdown, Copenhagen, Na- varino, Battle of the Nile, St. Vincent, etc.
  17. Medal for Egypt. 1882. Ribbon Blue with two white stripes. Medal, obverse, Queen's head with diadem and draped. The inscription "Victoria Regina et Imperatrix." Reverse, a sphinx, the word "Egypt " above and the date 1882 underneath. Clasps for Tel-el- Kebir. The same medal with clasp inscribed "Alexandria, nth July" was granted to the Navy. The same medal without the date 1882 on the reverse, with clasps for Suakin 1884., El-Teb., Tamaai., Nile 1884-5., Abu Klea., Kirbekan., Suakin 1885., Tofrek granted to those in possession of the Egypt 1882, or Suakin 18S4 medal. This Medal also granted for services on the Upper Nile in 1885-86.
  18. Prince
  19. Due
  20. Marquis
  21. Comte
  22. Viscomte
  23. Baron
  24. A Bison. Crest of Fitzjames
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