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SPAIN, Kingdom of

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SPAIN, Kingdom of Quarterly : i and 4 gules, a castle or (Castile) ; 2 and 3 argent, a lion rampant gules (sometimes represented purpure), crowned or (Leon) ent^ en point argent, a pomegranate gules, seeded and slipped proper (Grenada). Supporters — (Which are very seldom used) Two lions or, holding banners of the arms.

Whilst the foregoing arms may be properly described as the arms of the Kingdom of Spain they are usually surmounted by an escutcheon of the arms of France azure, three fleurs-de-lis or.

Almost as often they appear, with the inescutcheon of France thereupon, themselves as an inescutcheon upon a larger escutcheon of three rows of quarterings as follows (upper row) : —

1. Or, four pallets gules (Arragon).

2. Per saltire, the chief and base paly or and gules, the flanks argent, charged with an eagle displayed sable (Sicily).

3. Gules, a fesse argent (Austria).

4. Azure, seme-de-lis or, a bordure compony argent and gules (Burgundy, modern).

5. (Second row) On dexter side of inescutcheon, or, six fleurs-de lis azure, three, two, and one azure (Parma).

6. On sinister side of inescutcheon, or, five balls gules, in chief another of a larger size azure, thereon three fleur-de-lis or (Tuscany).

7. (Third row) Bendy or and azure, a bordure gules (Burgundy, ancient).

8. Or, a lion rampant sable (Flanders).

9. Argent, an eagle displayed gules.

10. Sable, a lion rampant or (Brabant).

It is almost universal for the escutcheon of the royal arms of Spain to be drawn as an oval cartouche.

Original Source bookofpublicarms00foxd_djvu.txt near line 24248.

SPAIN, Kingdom of
SPAIN, Kingdom of
Contents  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z 

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