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Chub, (leuciscus cephalus): this fish, common to England and belonging to the order cyprinidœ“, seems only to have been chosen for the sake of the punning name, since it is only borne by the family of CHOBBE.

Vert, three chub fish haurient sable--CHOBB.

Gules, on a chevron between three chub fish argent three shovellers sable; on a chief dancetty of the second three escallops of the first--CHOBBE[and one of the quarterings borne by Lord DORMER, of Wing, Bucks].

Seal of Lord DE LA ROCHE.
Seal of Lord DE LA ROCHE.

Together with the above must be classed the roach(leuciscus rutilus, fr. rosse). The most authentic instance of a delineation of this charge is perhaps found on Lord de la Roche's seal.

Gules, three roach naiant in pale argent--Seal of Thomas Lord DE LA ROCHE affixed to the Barons' letter to Pope Boniface VIII., 1301.

Again it is represented on the seal to Thomas Arundel, Abp. of Canterbury, 1397-1414, where the shield bearing the fish(which are supposed to be roach) is represented as borne by one of the four murderers of Thomas à Becket, though what connection they had with the Roche family is not known.

It may perhaps be noted that the application of this charge to the name of the family is a singular instance of the punning adopted in heraldic devices, for the remains of Roche Castle, founded by Adam de la Roche, still exist on an insulated rock(fr. roche) of great height, and it has been suggested that the proverb 'sound as a roach' has its origin in the same confusion of the French and English language.

The roach is found borne differently by different descendants of the family, e.g.

Gules, three roach naiant or within a bordure engrailed argent--Sir David ROCHE of Carass, Limerick.

Sable, three roach naiant in pale argent--De La ROCHE, Herefordshire.

Azure, three roach naiant argent within a bordure or--Walter ROCHE of Bromham, Wilts.

Gules, three roach naiant in pale argent--Peter de RUPIBUS[or Sir Pierre des ROCHES], Bp. of Winchester, 1206-38,

Or, a bull passant gules between three roach haurient proper, a chief chequy or and azure--Sir William ROCHE, Lord Mayor of London, 1540.

Argent, on a bend sable three roach of the field--HUYSHE, Devonshire.

Gules, a chevron engrailed between three roach naiant argent; on a chief of the second three herons sable, billed and membered gules--HOBBS, Middlesex.

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