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Cormorant(lat. Phalacrocorax, fr. Cormoran), written by some naturalists, Corvorant, occurs at times in arms. The bird in the arms of WARBURTON, and forming a portion of the insignia of LIVERPOOL, is a cormorant, but it is known and blazoned there by name of the lever. Perhaps the Sea Aylet also may be considered similar to the Cormorant. Cormorants' heads sometimes are borne, as also Sea Aylet heads.

AYLMER, Bp. of London.
AYLMER, Bp. of London.

Sable, a cormorant argent--POPELLER.

Azure, three cormorants or--SEVENS, or SEVANS, Kent.

Gules, on a bird wavy argent three cormorants sable, beaked and membered or--Sir Robert READE[Puisne Justice of the King's Bench, 1496].

Argent, a cormorant sable, beaked and legged gules, holding in the beak a branch of sea-weed called laver inverted vert--City of LIVERPOOL

Or, on a chevron azure between three cormorant's heads erased sable as many acorns slipped of the first--CHIDDERLEGH, Cornwall.

Argent, a cross sable between four sea aylets of the second, beaked and membered gules--John AYLMER[Bp. of London, 1577].

Quarterly; first and fourth, argent a chevron between three cormorants sable; second and third, a fret--WARBURTON[Bp. of Gloucester, 1760-79].

Probably allied in shape to the Cormorant, but not determinable to what species it belongs, in the Gannapie, which is found in some arms and referred to in heraldic works.

Argent, a chevron counter compony vert and azure between three gannapies of the last membered gules--WYKES[Glover's ordinary].

Argent, a chevron chequy azure and vert between three gannapies proper--WIKES, Devon.

Argent, a chevron sable between three gannapies[elsewhere drakes] azure--YEO, Colliton, Devon.

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