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Dagger, (fr. poignard): Amongst weapons daggers are frequently borne, though blazoned under different names. Their position should be described, whether paleways or fessways. If not otherwise stated the points should be upwards, The hilts, pomels, &c., a may be of a different tincture.

Gules, a fesse chequy argent and azure, a dagger paleways in base proper. [and in chief a mullet for difference]--LINDSAY, Pitscandly, Scotland.

Sable, two daggers in saltire, points upwards, between four fleur-de-lys argent--BARROW, Bp. of Sodor and Man, 1663, afterwards of S.Asaph, 1670-80.

Ermine, two bars within a bordure engrailed gules; on a canton of the last a dagger erect proper, pomel and hilt or--NUGENT, Berks.

Azure, a fesse or, between three dagger's heads of the last--LOCKYER, 1672.

Azure a chevron between three daggers, with blades wavy, pointing downwards argent--CLEATHER, Cornwall.

The other names and varieties found are dirk, rapier, and skean, or skene, the last a Scottish word for a weapon, which perhaps may be best described as a short sword, and is borne mostly by various branches of the family of SKENE.

Argent, a chevron between three dirks azure hilted or, with those in chief pointing downward--GLASHAM, Scotland.

Gules, a dirk palewise argent, between two fleur-de-lys in chief and a mullet in base or--MACAUL, Scotland.

Gules, a dexter hand fessways, holding a rapier erect, on the point a boar's head proper--BEATH.

Azure, a skean in fesse argent, hilted and pomelled or, between three boar's heads, couped of the second and muzzled sable--FORBES, Robslaw.

Gules, three skenes palewise in fesse argent, hilts and pomels or, surmounted of as many wolves' heads of the third--SKENE, Aberdeen.

Per chevron argent and gules, three skeans surmounted with as many wolves' heads counterchanged--SKENE, Newtile.

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