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Elephant. (fr. éléphant): occurs in a few insignia of cities, and in the arms of some families. The trunks or probosces(fr. proboscides) occur separate in some few cases. The tusk in French blazon is called the defense, and tusked is described as defendu of such a tincture. In one example the elephant is represented carrying a howdah, and in two examples a castle. Elephants sometimes appear as supporters, e.g. to the arms of OLIPHANT of Gask, co. Perth, and to the city of OXFORD, &c. They are not unfrequently used as crests.

Argent, an elephant statant, and carrying a howdah containing three persons with a driver proper; a bordure or--The Rajah KALEE KRISHNA Bahadin, [granted in India, Ap. 3, 1833].

Per pale gules and vert, an elephant, on his back a tower triple towered all or--City of COVENTRY.

Or, an elephant azure, on his back a quadrangular castle argent, masoned proper; on the sinister tower a flag-staff and banner gules, on the dexter corner of the banner a canton argent charged with a cross gules; on the dexter corner of the escutcheon a canton quarterly of France and England--Royal AFRICAN Company, [Inc. 1662].

Gules, a chevron or between three elephant's heads erased proper--HUSKISSON, Sussex.

Argent, two elephant's trunks reflexed endorsed gobony or and gules, fixed upon a hairy scalp with two ears sable--BOSIN.

Ermine, on a pale vert between two daggers, points downwards, azure hilted or, three elephant's probosces of the last--HUTCHINS.

Also borne in the insignia of the Burgh of DUMBARTON, and by the families of SUTCLIFFE, BUTTON, and ELPHINSTONE; and the heads of elephants by the families of JEWE, SANDERS, FOUNTAINE, PRATT, SUCKLING, BRODRICK, &c.

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