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The Holy Lamb.
The Holy Lamb.

Lamb, (fr. agneau): when represented passant, the face is shewn in profile; but when the Holy or Paschal Lamb is intended then the face should be guardant or reguardant.

This bearing varies considerably in different examples, particularly in the shape of the flag, but the annexed figure may be considered as a fair type. The nimbus should be gold, with a red cross: the flag argent, cross and ends gules. The Holy Lamb is, however, not unfrequently borne all of one colour.

Argent, a chevron engrailed gules between three lambs passant sable--LAMB.

Azure, three paschal-lambs or--LAMB.

Argent, on a cross gules a paschal-lamb or carrying a banner argent, charged with a cross of the second--The Honourable Society of the MIDDLE TEMPLE.

Gules, three holy lambs argent[elsewhere, or]--ROWE, Devon.

Argent, on a base wavy azure, a lamb triumphant[i.e. with the banner] sable--John de OXFORD, Bp. of Norwich, 1175-1200.

Argent, a paschal-lamb couchant, with banner argent, staff and nimbus or, in base the letters P P of the last--Town of PRESTON, co. Lancaster.

Azure, a chevron argent, over all a bend or, on a canton of the last a holy lamb gules--EYNELL.

Gules, a castle triple towered argent, between a holy lamb passant with cross-staff and banner of S.Andrew on the dexter, and the head of S.John the Baptist in a charger on the sinister, both proper; in base the sea of the last--Burgh of AYR, Scotland.

Argent, on a saltire gules two keys in saltire or; on a chief of the second a holy lamb proper--See of RIPON.

Two families in France, and one or two in England, of the name of PASCAL, or PASCHAL, bear the Holy Lamb.

Amongst the examples of the worst style of English heraldry occur the two charges, a lamb with three heads, and a lamb's kidneys.

Vert, a lamb passant, with three heads guardant and reguardant argent--TRIPPET.

Azure, on a chevron or between in chief two lambs, and in base a ram argent, three lamb's kidneys gules--KIDNEY, London; and Market Harborough, co. Leicester, granted 1765.

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