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Raven, (fr. corbeau): probably in heraldic drawing no difference would be detected in the drawing of the raven, the rook, or the crow; and perhaps even the old names Corbie, corby-crow, corbyn, corf, and the other variations of the Latin corvus were not marked by any nice distinction. As will be seen, the bearing occurs on several ancient arms for the sake of the play upon the name. It may be blazoned as croaking. It will be seen the daw also as well as the rook is adopted for the same reason.


Thomas CORBET, d'or deux corbeaux noir--Roll, temp. HEN. III.

Sire Johan de CORMAYLES de argent a iij corfs de sable--Roll, temp. ED. II.

Sire Peres CORBEHT, de or a ij corbils de sable--Ibid.

Sire Peres CORBET, de or a un corbyn de sable--Ibid.

Sire Thomas CORBET, de or a iij corbyns de sable--Roll, temp. ED. II.

Per fesse or and argent, three ravens in chief proper--CORBYN.

Monsire Thomas de ROKEBY, port d'argent a une cheveron de sable entre trois corbins sable--Roll, temp. ED. III.

Or, a raven proper--CORBET, of Morton Corbet, Salop, and Richard CORBET, Bp. of Oxford, 1628; of Norwich, 1632-35.

Or, on a torteau a raven sable--RAVEN.

Argent, on a chief or, a raven proper--HURD, Bp. of Lichfield, 1774; of Worcester, 1781-1808.

Argent, a raven croaking proper--The ancient arms of HAMPDEN, Great Hampden, co. Buckingham.

Or, three ravens volant proper--WORCELEY, co. Hants.

Argent, in chief a lion passant azure, in base two ravens pendent from an arrow fesswise sable--MACKIE, Bargally, Scotland.

Or, a hog lying fesswise, a raven feeding on his back sable--DANSKINE, Scotland.

Argent, a fesse counterflory gules between three rooks sable--ROKES, co. Bedford.

Argent, a chevron between three rooks volant sable--CROWMER.

Argent, on a fesse gules between three cows proper as many crosses patty or--DEANE, Essex.

Argent, a crow sable between three fountains--CRAIGDAILLIE, Aberdeen.

Quarterly, first and fourth, argent, a saltier and chief, both engrailed gules; second and third, argent, two crows paleways, both transfixed through the neck by an arrow in fesse proper--Archibald Campbell TAIT, Bp. of London, 1856; Abp. of Canterbury, 1868-82.

Azure, a bend between three crow's heads erased argent--CASSIE.

Azure, on a bend engrailed argent three daws proper--DAWSON, Newcastle.

Argent, a chevron between three daw's heads erased sable beaked or--DALSTON, Westminster.

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