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Tun, (fr. tonneau, but if small, barillet): a large barrel, represented usually as in the margin, that is lving length ways. They are sometimes represented with the hoops of another tincture. It occurs in the insignia of the BREWERS' and VINTNERS' Companies, as well as in the arms of a few families. Sometimes the term hogshead, or barrel, or even tub, is used, and perhaps in that case the charge should be drawn upright. It was very commonly used in the Rebus, q.v., so many names ending in ton. [See example of the lion hopping on a tun for name of Hopton under Lion.]

Sable, a chevron between tuns barwise argent, [sometimes erroneously given as Argent, a chevron between three barrels sable]--The VINTNERS' Company, London; granted 1442.

Gules, on a chevron argent between three pairs of barley garbs in saltire or, as many tuns sable hooped of the third--BREWERS' Company, incorporated 1438; arms granted 1468, confirmed 1560. [On a brass in All Hallows, Barking.] The same arms are borne by the Company of BREWERS, Exeter.

Barry of five argent and azure; on a canton of the second a tun or--KNIGHTON, co. Hertford.

Argent, on a fesse azure between three crosses crosslet fitchy sable, two tuns or--CROXTON, co. Chester.

... three hogsheads, two and one ... --Adam de ORLETON, Bishop of Hereford, 1317-27; Worcester, 1328; and Winchester, 1334-45. [From carving on gatehouse at Esher.]

Gules, three barrels in pale argent--MATON.

Argent, a chevron gules between three barrels[or tuns] standing on their bottoms sable, hooped or--NORTON.

Argent, three tubs gules--BRICKMAN.

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