Virgin mary

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Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary: the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary occurs in the insignia of one or two Sees(that of LINCOLN has already been given, see Nimbus), and of several religious foundations, and of one or two Scotch Burghs; also on those ascribed to a King of England of the tenth century. It will be seen that the Virgin is variously represented, but always with the infant Saviour.

Azure, our Lady the Virgin Mary with a circle of glory over her head, holding in her dexter arm the infant Jesus, head radiant; in the sinister a sceptre all or--See of SALISBURY.

Argent, upon three ascents the Virgin Mary standing with her arms extended between two pillars; on the dexter pillar a church; in base the ancient arms of Man on an escutcheon ensigned with a mitre--Seal of the Bishopric of SODOR, and MAN[but often improperly adopted as the Insignia of the see, which are simply those of the Isle ensigned with a mitre].

Vert, a cross botonne argent; on a canton of the last the Virgin Mary and Child proper[but there are several variations]--GLASTONBURY Abbey.

Azure, three lions passant gardant in pale or; on a chief gules the Virgin and Child of the second--Augustinian Priory of NEWSTEAD, co. Nottingham.

Argent, the Virgin Mary looking at the child Jesus in her arms, a radiated glory round each of their heads, all proper, their vestments azure--Burgh of LAUDER, Scotland.

Gules, the Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus in her arms or--Burgh of BANFF, Scotland.

Vert, a cross potent fitchy argent; in the dexter chief the Virgin and Child in glory--arms fancifully ascribed to King EDRED, ob. 955, Harl. MS. 4033[sometimes also King Arthur].

The charge also appears to be borne in the insignia of the See of TUAM, Ireland; in those of TARANT Nunnery, Dorset; and in those of the Deanery of WORCESTER.

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