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Wolf, (fr. loup): this animal is found in a good many arms, and also in a few early instances, being adopted by families into whose names some form of the word 'Lou' enters. The head is, perhaps, more frequently borne than the whole animal. It may be rampant, salient, combatant, statant, but most frequently simply passant, &c. It occurs also very frequently in crests, especially the head.


Gules, a wolf passant argent--LOWE, co. Wilts.

Sire Johan LE LOW, de argent a ij barres de goules, en le chef iij testes de lou de goules--Roll, temp. ED. II.

Sire William VIDELOU, de argent a iij testes de lou de goules--Ibid.

Gules, three wolf's heads couped or--LOCARD, Ireland.

Argent, three wolves passant sable--LOVATT, co. Stafford.

Argent, a chevron between three wolf's heads erased gules--LOVELL, Norfolk.

On a bend three wolf's heads erased--John LOWE, Bp. of S.Asaph, 1433, afterwards of Rochester, 1444-67.

Sable, a wolf salient, and in chief three estoiles or--Thomas WILSON, Bp. of Sodor and Man, 1697-1755.

Azure, a wolf rampant argent collared and chained or; in chief three crosses patty fitchy of the second--BUSHE, co. Wilts.

Gules, a chevron ermine between three wolves, the two in chief combatant or--GRENFORD.

Azure, a war-wolf passant and three stars in chief argent--DICKISON, Scotland.

Gules, a demi-wolf proper issuing to the sinister, feet erected each side of the head argent--BETWILL.

D'argent, à deux loups de sable, l'un sur l'autre[=in pale]; et une bordure denchée de gueules--DE SALVE, Provence.

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