Wool pack

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Company of WOOL-PACKERS.
Company of WOOL-PACKERS.

Wool-pack, or as it is sometimes blazoned, Wool-sack, is borne by one or two companies(e.g. that the BONNET MAKERS, Edinburgh, see under Bonnet). It is also borne by individuals, possibly from their having made their fortune in the wool trade. (See Cushion.)

Azure(some say gules), a wool-pack argent--The Company of WOOL-PACKERS, London.

Vert, a wool-pack corded argent--STAPLE'S INN, London.

Sable, a chevron between three packs or, cushions argent, tied of the first--Company of DYERS, London.

Azure, a wool-pack argent--JOHNSON.

Argent, a bend sable, on a chief of the second three wool-packs of the first--JOHNSON, Bp. of Gloucester, 1752; afterwards of Worcester, 1759-74.

Gules, three woolsacks argent[in chief a mullet or]--ASHLEY, London.

Gules, a chevron between three woolpacks argent--WOOLL, Rugby, co. Warwick.

Per saltire argent and gules, a lion rampant gardant or, on a chief wavy azure a wool-pack of the first between two bezants--BACK.

Argent, on a chevron between three woolsacks azure as many garbs or--WOLSAY, Norfolk.

Gules, on a fesse or voided of the field between three wool-packs argent three crescents gold--COOK, Blackheath, Kent.

Gules, a lion rampant or on a bend azure three wool-packs of the second within a bordure argent charged with eight cross of the field--DUNBAR, Scotland.

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