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Birds and Insects

Another fairly common category of charge to be found in mediaeval Heraldry. the following are available:


Duck, swan

The swan may be nageant, essorant, displayed or passant.

Other Birds

bat, black bird, chough, crane, crane, crow, crow's head, dove, duck, falcon, martlett, owl, peacock, popinjay (parrot), quail, ostrich feather

Pelican in her piety (which may be proper) There are several variants of the heraldic eagle, a conventional one, a double headed eagle, the immature eaglet oralerion;or, for a more life-like representation you can use natural eagle.

Bird Features and Modifiers

The most common bird features (that can be given different colour) are beaked, legged. The peacock is shown in his pride and the crane may be drawn holding a stone. The falcon may be hooded of a different tincture.

In addition, some birds can be modified to be in certain poses, including essorant, passant, displayed, volant.

Insects and Other Small Creatures

Ant, bee, butterfly, cricket, dragonfly, fly, hornet, snail


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