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This is the place to keep up to date with recent and planned changes, and contact the author about general matters.

The various sections are discussed briefly below:

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This is just a mirror of the @drawshield twitter feed and is the place to get the absolute up-to-minute news about the site. I also try to respond to error reports and other messages as soon as I can using this feed.
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I'm not very good at keeping a single to-do list and this is currently not very accurate. I need to think about this one a bit more!
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This is pretty accurate, every new release (that changes the actual version number) is described in some detail here. I do tiny fixes and add new charges or alternate spellings on the "live" system and these do not trigger a version number increment.
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I'm hoping to use this section a bit more to give longer answers to some queries and also put down my thoughts on various computational heraldry topics.
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My contact details, for issues and questions that don't seem to fit in anywhere else!

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