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Bull, (fr. taureau): is rare in ancient rolls of arms, but in later times tolerably frequent; and we find also the ox (fr. bœ“uf), the cow(fr. vache), and the calf(fr. veau), all duly blazoned; the latter is distinguished in heraldry by the absence of the horns: the term buffalo(fr. buffle) is rarely used in English blazon for bull. The charge is often used associated with the name, as in the case of OXFORD, OXENDON, &c. A bull may be horned, hoofed, unguled, and armed of a different tincture; and it may be collared, and even belled(fr. clariné). Moile(drawn erroneously as mule) is really an ox without horns.

City of OXFORD.
City of OXFORD.

Bendy wavy argent and azure, an ox gules passing over a ford proper--City of OXFORD[according to some; according to others, Argent, an ox gules, armed and unguled or, passing a ford of water in base proper].

Ermine, a bull passant gules armed and unguled or--BEVILLE.

Argent, a chevron between three bulls passant sable--OXENDON.

Or, a bull passant sable collared and belled gold--HULL, Dorset(? temp. Hen. III.).

Argent, an ox passant gules, through reeds proper--RIDLEY.

Argent, a fess gules between three oxen sable--OXLEY, Yorkshire.

Ermine, a cow statant gules within a bordure sable, bezanty, a crescent for difference--CORVELL.

Argent, three cows passant sable, eyes gules, collared or--Benedictine Alien Priory at COWICK Devon.

Ermine, a calf passant gules--CAVELL, Cornwall.

Argent, a fess gules between three calves passant sable--CALVERLEY.

Argent, on a bend sable three calves passant or--VEAL.

Gules, a moile passant argent--MOILE, Cornwall.


Bulls' heads are perhaps more commonly found than the animal itself, generally erased, sometimes couped, rarely caboshed. Generally the horns are blazoned of a different tincture. It is not certain what is meant by the sea-bull's head blazoned below.

Argent, a bull's head erased sable--TURNBULL, Scotland.

Argent, a chevron gules between three bull's heads couped sable--BULLEINE[the same family as Anne BOLEYN, one of Henry the Eighth's Queens].

Argent, three bull's heads caboshed sable, armed or--WALROND.

Argent, three bull's heads erased sable, breathing fire proper--TRUMBULL, Berks.

Argent, three cow's heads erased sable--VACH or VEITCH.

A bull armed or is one of the supporters to the arms of DARCY, Westmeath.

Argent, a sea-bull's head couped sable--BULLOCK.

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