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Church: this is not unfrequently represented in coats of arms of recent date, but there seem to be no special characteristics to be noted in the several examples, and the method of representing the church seems somewhat arbitrary. This is so in a very marked way on the insignia of the Burgh of CULROSS.

Azure, a fesse or, in base a church argent--TEMPLETON.

A church with a spire; on the dexter chief the sun in splendour, on the sinister a crescent; at the dexter end of the church three ears of corn on one stalk, at the sinister end of the church a saltire--Seal of town of ASHBURTON, Devon.

Azure, a perspective view of the church of S.Servanus, shewing the south side, in which there is a gate, with a window on each side; the top of the west end[!] of the church ensigned with a passion cross; in the west end another gate, and two windows over it and one window over the two last; a square steeple terminating the building towards the east[!], above the battlements of which is a cupola ensigned with a ball on the top of a rod, all argent masoned sable--Burgh of CULROSS, Scotland.

Together with the church will be conveniently grouped the cathedral and the chapel(fr. chapelle). These, like the church, are found only in one or two modern coats of arms.

Azure, on a cross argent, between four suns or, a Cathedral church gules--NICHOLSON, Virginia[granted 1693-4].

Per fesse argent and vert, a chapel of the first, roofed gules between four escallop shells counterchanged--CHAPPELL, Cambridgeshire.

Beneath the same heading will be conveniently noted the Porch, the Shrine, and the Alter-tomb.

Gules, three porches of churches with double doors expanded argent--LESINGTON.

.... A shrine of Gothic work; over it an angel holding an escutcheon gules; three lions passant guardant in pale or--Seal of borough of WILTON, Wiltshire.

Gules, on an alter-tomb a lamb passant guardant argent carrying a banner of the last charged with a cross of the first, resting the dexter forefoot on a mound or--Augustinian College of ASHRIDGE, co. Buckingham.

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