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Cup, (old fr. Coupe): the cup was rather a favourite device from the fourteenth century onwards, as shewn by several references to it in the Rolls of Edward II. and Edward III. The plain chalice-like cup without a cover was perhaps first emblazoned, such as is found figured on incised slabs, &c.; but it is sometimes represented in modern heraldry ornamented, as shewn in the drawing of the arms of CANDISH.

Sire William le BOTILER de Wemme, de azure a une bende e vj coupes de or--Roll, temp. ED. II.

Sir Johan DARGENTEM, de goules a iij coupes de argent--Ibid.

Monsire de ARGENTYNE, gules trois coupes d'argent--Roll, temp. ED. III.

Monsire Edmond le BOTELER, port d'asure atrois coupes d'or--Ibid.

Sable, a chevron or between three cups uncovered--CANDISH, Suffolk.

Covered Cup.
Covered Cup.

But many families, especially those of BUTLER and CLEAVER, bear covered cups(fr. coupes couvertes), which are frequently represented on their tombs, and which are similar in shape to that in the margin, which is taken from the tomb of Johan le BOTILER, c. 1290, in the church of S.Bride, Glamorganshire.

Argent, a standing cup covered sable--John CLUER, London, 1716.

Gules, a cross between four covered cups argent--Richard DE LA WYCH, Bp. of Chichester, 1245-53.

Argent, between two bendlets engrailed sable, three covered cups of the second--Joseph BUTLER, Bp. of Bristol, 1738; afterwards of Durham, 1750-52.

Gules, a bend between three covered cups or--John BUTLER, Bp. of Oxford, 1788-1802.

Quarterly, first and fourth, azure, a chevron between three covered cups or, second and third ermine, on a chief indented sable, three escallops argent--BUTLER, Bp. of Lichfield, 1836-1839.

Sable, three cups covered per fesse or and argent--SYMONDS.

Gules, three cups covered argent garnished or--M. Gilis D'ARGENTINE.

Quarterly, gules and azure; in the first and fourth a leopard's head or; in the second and third a covered cup; and in chief two round buckles, the tongued fessways, points to the dexter, all of the third--GOLDSMITHS' Company[incorporated 1327].

Besides these ordinary forms are some with descriptive details, as also others under the different names of drinking-pots, college-pots, &c.

Gules, three cups covered, with one handle to each, argent--Reginald AT CONDUIT, Lord Mayor of London, 1334-5.

Per pale azure and gules, a cup covered with handles argent between three catherine wheels or--STREET, Middlesex.

Argent, three cups sable coronetted or--BRANDISHFIELD.

Argent, three drinking-pots sable--GERIARE, co. Lincoln.

Gules, three college-pots argent--ARGENTON, Devon.

Sable, three covers for cups argent--KOVERDAW.


The small cup sometimes found, and as borne in the arms of ATHULL, is probably intended for an acorn-cup.

Argent, three cups azure--ATHULL.

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