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Dove, (fr. colombe): the Dove is very frequent device; sometimes the turtle dove and sometimes the ringed dove are specially mentioned. And also with the dove may be grouped the Pigeon, with its fellows the Stock-dove and Wood-pigeon. It is said to have been adopted as an emblem of purity, and sometimes it appears as the Holy Dove. The Dove is subjected to the usual terms expressing position, &c., applicable to birds(see eagle), but the more frequent are volant, close, rising, and often having an olive-branch or some sprig in the mouth, and in one case 'displayed in a glory,' and also nimbed. It may be, of course, also membered, legged, beaked, billed, &c., of a different tincture.

It will be observed that the dove very frequently occurs in the arms granted to Bishops, and sometimes it is used evidently for the sake of the name.


Sable, three doves argent, beaked and membered gules, each holding on olive-branch proper--COLUMBALL[temp. RIC. II.]

Gules, on a fesse argent, between three doves proper, as many crosses formé, of the field--Peter GUNNING, Bp. of Chichester, 1670; afterwards of Ely, 1675-84.

Argent, on a chevron between three crosses formy gules three doves of the field--SANCROFT, Abp. of Cant., 1678-91.

Argent, on a pale azure between two crosslets gules, a dove displayed in a glory issuing from a chief of the first--Anthony KITCHIN, Bp. of Llandaff, 1545-65.

Azure, a cross patty between four doves argent--Thomas Dove, Bp. of Peterborough, 1601-30.

Azure, on a chevron argent between three dove's heads erased of the second, each bearing in its beak a flower, two roses gules, stalked and leaved proper--HOLBECK, Bp. of Rochester, 1544; Bp. of Lincoln, 1547-57.

Argent, a cross gules between four doves, the dexter wings expanded and inverted azure--COLLEGE OF ARMS, or HERALDS' OFFICE.

Per fesse azure and argent, a pale counterchanged, three doves of the last, each holding in his beak an olive-branch or--TALLOW CHANDLERS' Company, incorporated 1463.

Barry, wavy of five argent and azure; on a mount vert in the centre a dove rising nimbed gold, between three fishes naiant or--John HILSEY, Bp. of Rochester, 1535-38.

Argent, a cross azure between three ring-doves vert beaked and legged gules--DALTON.

Argent, a chevron between three turtle-doves azure--WINTOUN, Strathmartine, Scotland.

Gules, a cross engrailed between four stock-doves azure--ALBERY, Wickingham, co. Berks, 1590.

Argent, three pigeons azure--MOMPESSON.

Or, on a mullet sable a pigeon argent--DON, Ardonhall, Scotland.

Azure, on a chevron or three wood-pigeons proper, each charged on the breast with an ogress; another chevron couped sable--PENFOLD, Cissbury, Sussex.

Argent, a chevron sable between three wood-doves proper--SCARELL, Thanks, Cornwall; confirmed, June 16, 1602.

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