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Flaunches, flanches, flanks, or flanques, sometimes also written flasques, are always borne in pairs, though by some writers the last are considered rather as diminutives of the flanches, i.e. not projecting so far into the shield. Voiders are said to be of similar form, and with still less projection, and incapable of being charged, though it is doubtful if cases occur in any ordinary blazon. The square flaunches are drawn like two projecting triangles, the outer edge of each side of the shield forming the base respectively.

Or, two flaunches gules--LANERCOST PRIORY, Cumberland.

Sable, two talbot's heads couped or, between as many flaunches ermine--HEVAR, London, 1687, and Norfolk.

Argent, three palets azure between two square flaunches gules--MOSYLTON.

Or, three palets, over all two square flanks gules--MOSELTON.

Azure, two talbot's heads erased or, between as many flasques ermine--HERVARE, Marshland.

Argent, three martlets in pale; on two flaunches sable three lions passant of the field--Thomas BROWN, Bishop of Rochester, 1436-1445.

In flank, or in the flaunche, is also used to signify at the side; e.g. in a quarterly per saltire in the flanks would be equivalent to the quarters two and three; the French term flanqué is sometimes used instead of accompagné, or accosté, but the flanc is especially used for the extreme edge of the shield, from which, when any charge issues, it is said to be mouvante.

Azure, a saltire between in chief an arrow point upward argent, in the flaunches and base three hunting horns of the last--POTTOCK, Scotland.

Argent, two eels paleways waved, between two stars in the flanks azure--ARNEEL, Scotland.

D'azur, au pal d'argent chargé de trois tours de gueules, et accosté(ou soutenu) par quatre jambes de lion d'or mouvantes des flancs de l'ecu--BRANCAS Comtat Venaissen.

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