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Gyronny, (fr. gironné), (from the Spanish Gyron, a triangular piece of cloth sewed into a garment). The usual number of pieces is eight, but there may be six, ten, or twelve. Party per saltire has been erroneously called gyronny of four, but in English armoury one of the lines forming the pattern must be in fesse. It will be observed that the term is an ancient one. The gyron with which the tinctures begin is the uppermost upon the dexter side.

Warin de BASSINGBORNE, gerony d'or et d'azur--Roll, temp. HEN. III.

Roger de MORTIMER, barre, a cheif palee, a corners gerone d'or et d'azur, a ung escocheon d'argent--Ibid. [See under Esquire].

Sire Omfrey de BASSINGBOURNE, geronne de argent e de goules--Roll, temp. ED. II.

Monsire Humphrie de BASINGBORNE, port gerone de vi peces argent et gules--Roll, temp. ED. III.

Monsire BRINZON, port gerone d'argent et d'azur de xij peeces--Ibid.

Gyronny of eight, argent and gules--ACTON.

Gyronny of eight engrailed, or and sable(points of engrailing towards the dexter)--CAMPBELL.

Gyronny of eight(quarterly, Cole's MS.) argent and sable, four fleur-de-lys counterchanged; on a saltier or, five cinquefoils gules--Edward VAUGHAN, Bp. of S.Davids, 1509-22.

Gyronny of ten, or and azure--BRYASNON.

Gyronny of twelve, vair, or, and gules--BASSINGBORNE.

The term gyron rarely occurs in blazoning English heraldry, but there are instances. In the arms of MORTIMER the esquire is practically a gyron.

Argent, three cinquefoils gules, and a gyron issuing from the dexter side in chief azure--CHIVERS.

Azure, three bars argent, on a chief of the second a pale between two gyrons[elsewhere piles] of the first; over all an escutcheon gules charged with a cross croslet fitchy as the bars--Benedictine Abbey of WINCHCOMBE, Gloucester.

Or, three bars azure, in chief a pile between a gyronny of two pieces[or two gyrons] of the second; over all an escutcheon ermine--MORTYMER.

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